How Do You Tell the Battery Level of Your COBRA Firing Module or 18R2?

When you turn on your COBRA 18M, 6M firing module, or the COBRA 18R2, the device will display its battery level as part of the boot sequence. The COBRA system uses a power scale where '1P9' indicates a fully charged battery and '1P0' indicates a depleted battery.

If you are using a COBRA 36M or 72M this information is not displayed at startup and is instead displayed on the device's LCD screen.

Additionally, if the battery level is critically low, at 'P3' or below, the 18R2 display will show 'Lo' followed by the P value. This will be accompanied by the channel and address information, signaling that the battery level of the module or another connected device is low. If no channel and address is displayed, this is the battery reading for the 18R2 itself.

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