COBRA Lipo Batteries Best Practices and Procedures

From time to time COBRA assesses its maintenance standards to ensure customers are able to get the most out of their firing system. Based on an internal review we have introduced a set of new best practices for maintaining the health of the Lithium-polymer (LIPO) Battery packs in your COBRA 6M, 18M, 36M, and 72M. This guide also applies to 18R2 and Audio Box devices equipped with an internal LIPO battery.

  1. Never charge unattended. Your COBRA firing system utilizes Lithium-polymer (LIPO) battery technology.  While this technology is widely used and is considered safe, it is advisable to ensure you are only charging your devices while they can be monitored.
  2. Store module LIPO batteries at full charge. Your COBRA system is designed to protect the battery. The COBRA system will intelligently only charge the internal LIPO battery to just over 80%. This charging behavior reduces the cell stress within the battery assisting in the longevity of the pack. Thus there is no concern about overcharging your system.
  3. Disconnect the internal LIPO battery from the module when storing COBRA Firing modules for 3 months or longer. If using the COBRA 6M the module can be opened using a small Phillips head screwdriver revealing the battery pack.
  4. Remove LIPO battery pack and store it in a climate-controlled environment. Storing LIPO batteries for extended periods of time in extreme heat or cold will increase the likelihood of a pack failure. In the event your COBRA system is not being stored in a climate-controlled environment it is recommended to fully remove your LIPO battery back from your Firing Modules and bring them into a climate-controlled environment. For devices where the battery pack is not easily removed, it is advised to ensure the device itself is stored correctly as per the recommendations above.
  5. Inspect battery packs yearly. As part of your yearly system maintenance, it is advisable to do a visual inspection of your firing systems' battery packs. During this inspection, you will want to visually inspect the pack for any damage or signs of bloating. Do not use any pack that has any signs of damage and contact COBRA support immediately.
  6. How long should my Lipo battery last? In many cases, the packs will last 4 + years. The longevity of the pack is highly dependent on multiple factors including use and maintenance seen in this support document.

In addition to the noted recommendations, monitoring the battery charge while in storage is advised. Ensuring that the Lithium-polymer battery pack does not discharge to 0% helps aid in cell health.

For any assistance, please connect with the COBRA support team here.

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