Flexibility in Firing

You’ve got the COBRA firing system. You’ve got the fireworks. You’ve got the igniters. Now what?  

COBRA focuses on simplicity and ease of use in all design aspects of the COBRA firing system, including firing options. The desired show and operator’s preference are the common factors used in determining which firing option is best.

Several methods of firing are readily available with the COBRA firing system including manual firing, basic AUTO-FIRE, basic STEP firing,  STEP scripting, timed event scripting, and STEP/timed event scripting, explained below. 

Whether you prefer being completely hands-on firing each shot, like to press a single button to fire the entire show, or prefer something in between, COBRA’s firing system is easily tailored to your choice.

Please find a basic explanation of each firing method below. For more detailed information on the 18R2 or 18R firing methods, please see the 18R2 controller and 18R controller User Guide.

Basic Manual Firing

Manual (non-scripted) firing is merely pressing buttons to fire the specific cues desired. An operator can navigate modules by pressing the CH+ and CH- buttons on the remote and then pressing buttons 1-18 to fire them instantly. You can place modules on unique channels or on the same channel to shoot at the same time. Manual firing is a straightforward, hands-on experience, perfect for backyard exhibitions.

Basic STEP Firing

Basic STEP firing, similar to manual firing, allows the operator to fire by simply pressing a button to ignite. The primary difference is that STEP firing enables the operator to hit the same STEP button repeatedly to ignite the pyrotechnics as opposed to pressing the specific cue button as in manual firing.  The STEP button fires each cue sequentially on the indicated channel. With each press of the STEP button, the COBRA firing system cycles through the cues and automatically switches to the next channel and fires each cue until all products have been ignited. No scripting, no specific cue buttons, one button to depress each time a shot needs to be fired. Basic step firing is available on both the 18R and 18R2 remote.


Basic AUTO-FIRE firing is a feature that allows the execution of firing sequences with a fixed time delay between each cue. For example, if module one needs to fire cues one through twelve with a half-second delay between each, auto fire can be used to customize the starting and ending cues, as well as the timed delay. Auto-fire is not a replacement for full scripting. Basic auto-fire is available on both the 18R and 18R2 remote.

Scripted Firing

There are three options available for scripted firing on the 18R2 remote, each providing hands-off ignition, allowing you to fully enjoy the show. Scripted firing involves predetermining the order of fireworks being used and uploading those instructions to the 18R2 remote. Scripted firing provides flexibility to bounce through channels, cues, modules and to merge music into the display.  COBRA supports three methods of scripted firing that will undoubtedly cover the needs of your show: STEP, timed event, and STEP/timed event scripting.

For more detailed information about how to create scripts and load them to your 18R2, see Scripting.

STEP Scripting

STEP scripting uses a list of channels and cues that are predetermined by the operator and are then executed by pressing the step button each time a shot is to be fired. Unlike manual STEP firing which fires each cue in sequential order, STEP scripting allows you to shoot in a specific order and also allows for multiple modules on different channels to fire simultaneously.

Timed Event Scripting

Timed event scripting is entirely automated, and events (combinations of channel and cue) are scheduled to fire at specific, predetermined times from a predetermined cue (the operator can pause the scripted event at any time). Timed event scripting is the only true hands-off firing option after the show has started. Sit back, press one button, and watch as your show fires from start to finish.

STEP/Timed Event Scripting

STEP/timed event scripting combines the features of both scripting options.  You can combine STEP with sequences such as chases or sections of your show in which case a timed event can take over until you wish to resume STEP firing. COBRA’s firing system does not limit the number of times you can switch between STEP and timed events.

You may find that different shows benefit from different firing methods, but regardless of the firing option you choose, COBRA makes the process simple to understand and easy to accomplish.

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