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Have you ever wondered which igniter was right for you? That answer would depend on whether you have a Class B (1.3G) Professional license or are a Class C (1.4G) Consumer enthusiast. A legal classification might drive the igniter type used, but there are still choices you can make when selecting the correct igniter for your exhibition. COBRA supports the three most common types of igniters in the industry: Talon/Clip-on Igniter ClipsMJG Firewire Initiators, and traditional e-match igniters.

To learn about the maximum number of igniters you can figure in parallel or series, please see Continuity Clarified.

Talon/Clip-on Igniter Clips are ideal for Class C (1.4G) consumer displays since they are non-regulated and may be purchased and shipped around the world without a license with no storage regulations or safety concerns while placing the igniter on your fireworks. These clips are single-use and highly reliable for igniting traditional consumer Visco/Cannon fuse. When using Talon/Clip-on Igniter Clips, make sure your firing module is in Talon/Clip-on Igniter Mode.


MJG Initiators are a non-regulated igniter that can accommodate both Class B (1.3G) and Class C (1.4G) exhibitions. MJG initiators may be purchased and shipped around the United States without a license. If used for Class B (1.3G) professional shows, MJG initiators are inserted into a quickmatch fuse or e-match ports. For Class C (1.4G) exhibitions, MJG initiators fire instantly as they are typically placed directly into the lift charge of the product after removing the fuse and using a non-sparking metal poker such as a brass awl to bore, and expand the hole where the fuse originates. By using this technique, you can achieve tightly timed pyromusicals with instant ignition.

E-match igniters are used solely for professional exhibitions, and unlike Talon/Clip-on Igniter clips and MJG initiators, e-match igniters are regulated and require an ATF type 54 license to obtain and use. Similar to MJG initiators, e-match will ignite instantly and are perfect for shooting tightly timed pyromusicals where effects are firing in sync with the music.

When using MJG Initiators and E-match, make sure your firing module is in E-Match Mode.

Whether you are using Talon/Clip-on Igniters, MJG initiators, or e-match igniters, COBRA’s firing system was developed to handle what works best for you.

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