Command Center Deadman Port Fix - June 16th, 2023

COBRA was made aware of a possible hardware fault with the COBRA Command Center. While this fault only applies to Command Center units that are utilizing the Deadman Control feature, it is advisable that all owners of the Command Center apply this fix. The issue relates to a loose lock washer potentially coming in contact with exposed wire pins that could cause for an inadvertent firing issue.

What is the concern?

In rare cases, the washer that is placed between the nut and the side of the Command Center case can come loose and make contact with exposed pins on the Deadman harness. If the Deadman harness is connected to the 18R2 within the Command Center it has a possibility to short the two pins that control the STEP function of the 18R2.


Do I need to send this to COBRA to be fixed?

No, your Command Center does not need to be sent to COBRA, a  fix can easily be applied by the user.

How to apply the Deadman port fix to your COBRA Command Center

Step 1: Remove the 6 screws holding the Command Center Faceplate


Step 2: Lift the Command Center faceplate exposing the internal circuitry


Step 3: Locate the Deadman harness on the left inner side of the Command Center


Step 3: Apply Command Center Deadman Port Fix

Use one of the two recommended fixes.

Fix 3a: Apply electrical tape to Deadman Harness

Locate the deadman harness and cover the exposed pins with electrical tape.


Fix 3b: Apply Hot Glue to Deadman Harness



The fix is now completed. The nut of the Deadman harness can also be tightened if it is loose. This can be done using a 9/16th wrench.

If you have any questions about this fix please reach out to COBRA Support through email at

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