Recall Notice - COBRA 7.0 BETA Firmware (Critical Issue)

Dear COBRA 7.0 BETA Testing Customers,

We are writing to inform you of a critical issue discovered within the last 12 hours concerning our COBRA 7.0 BETA firmware. Specifically, there is a potential issue where a bank on a 36M or 72M may not fire entirely or in part. There is also a possibility of similar effects on 18Ms, which has been reproduced by our COBRA team. Although reported by only one customer, we believe there is a strong likelihood of occurrence, posing a significant risk to show performance. This issue arises from recent changes made during the later stages of the 7.0 firmware development.

We want to emphasize that this is not a casual warning but a strong recommendation to refrain from using this version of the 7.0 firmware until the issue is resolved.

Regrettably, we will not have sufficient time to reliably address and rectify this issue before the upcoming 4th of July celebrations. We understand that many of you have been eagerly anticipating the features of the 7.0 firmware, especially for upcoming sporting events this fall. Please rest assured that we are fully committed to resolving this matter promptly, with an estimated resolution expected by the end of July this year.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that while our current manual testing systems are rigorous, they are not infallible. In light of this incident, we are expanding our team to develop fully automated test systems for all critical performance aspects. This proactive step aims to prevent similar occurrences in the future and underscores our dedication to delivering reliable products.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We were made aware of this issue less than 12 hours ago and immediately mobilized our teams to investigate and confirm the issue, prompting this communication. We deeply regret this situation but remain committed to transparency regarding any issues that may arise.

We will keep you updated on our progress and provide regular updates regarding the resolution timeline. Your trust and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us along with our commitment to transparency and delivering the highest quality firing systems.

Scott Smith
COBRA Firing Systems
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