What is our Firmware Release Process?

All COBRA firmware follows a strict release process of BETA -> Stable Release Candidate -> Stable Release. Please read below to learn more.

To learn more about COBRA firmware, see our Firmware User Guide.

Our Commitment to Safety and Reliability

Firmware is the software code that drives the life system of COBRA. It's responsible for both macro and micro-level calculations of communication, power, and control of our application. Since COBRA is used for the remote detonation of explosives, safety is of paramount importance. With over 12,000 customers worldwide, and as a self-proclaimed leader of the wireless firing system market, we take our s*** seriously. New firmware releases require thousands of hours across product managers, software developers, internal COBRA testers, and ultimately, you the customer.

For this reason, we also take the word "stable" as bond. We perform manual and fully automated regression testing of our releases and don't release them to the public unless we feel our systems are safe and ready for the pyro battlefield.

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BETA Release

When first released, firmware versions are marked BETA. While the firmware version has passed all internal tests, it's often that brand new functionality may surface minor issues once subject to thousands of shows and exposure to use-cases by customers we may not have tested. We work hard with customers to fix these issues and add all new use cases to our regression tests.

Stable Release Candidate

Once a BETA release has been through enough testing and COBRA has worked to fix all open issues and performed appropriate usability enhancements, we release the Stable Release Candidate. This version has been subject to thousands of shows and has no known issues by COBRA. However, since fixes and improvements have been made, we will maintain the stable release candidate status until the firmware version has been used long enough where we consider it stable. During this time, it's possible we may release a new stable release candidate, however, this is not the goal.

Stable Release

The firmware version has no known issues both internally to COBRA and also to COBRA customers.

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COBRA offers a 24-hour support system for on-site emergencies. If you are on a shoot site and encounter a show-stopping issue, please reach out to us via phone at 929-930-6868.