I'm having issues printing my cue labels, what can I do?

If you are having issues printing cue labels from COBRA Show Creator it is recommended that you check/adjust your print settings with Google Chrome.

The following document will cover the required print settings for COBRA Show Creator.

NOTE: We recommend printing just the last page on a plain sheet of paper to make sure all of the settings are correct. Every printer may interpret these settings differently. Print the last page on a plain sheet of paper, then place it on top of an Avery label sheet and hold it up to a light source, check that all of the labels line up.

The print preview is generally very accurate to what will print out. Therefore, if the print preview looks incorrect, it will most likely print incorrectly.

Please also make sure you are printing with Avery 51605260, & 8160 labels or equivalents.

Over the last few weeks, a few users have noticed some issues with labels lining up on the Avery Labels when using Google Chrome. We are actively looking into the issue and working to get it resolved ASAP. If your test page does not line up with the Avery label, we recommend printing a test page from the Mircosoft Edge browser. If that test page correctly aligns with the Avery Label, you can then print your remaining labels using the Edge browser rather than Chrome. Please send us an email at help@cobrafiringsystems.com if you are having any issues.

To adjust the print settings on your computer please begin the process of printing your cue labels.


On the right side of the printing popup, click the “More settings” dropdown button that is towards the bottom. The right-side list of settings should expand to show more.


Make sure all of the settings match the ones below. Change the “Destination” setting to your printer.

  • Pages = All
  • Copies = 1
  • Layout = Portrait
  • Paper Size = [US] Letter
  • Margins = Custom
  • Scale = 100
  • Two-sided = Unselected
  • Header and footers = Unselected
  • Background graphics = Unselected


In the print preview (left side) adjust all of the 4 side’s margins to equal the following.

  • Top and Bottom = 0.5
  • Left and Right = 0.188


NOTE: Still having issues getting your cue reports to print correctly? Email us at help@cobrafiringsystems.com for assistance.

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