18R2 LiPo Upgrade Installation Guide

Please find below the 18R2 LiPo Kit installation instructions. The 18R2 LiPo kit does not require a specific firmware version. The 18R is not supported for the LiPo upgrade kit. 

Tools Required: 

- Phillips Screw Driver

- Adjustable Wrench: Only for remotes with Timecode or Deadman upgrades installed. 


1. Remove the four screws from the back of your 18R2



2. Unplug the key switch, battery leads, and USB port from the back of your 18R2. Remove the USB port from the back half of the old 18R2 enclosure. If you have a Deadman or SMPTE Timecode kit installed, please unplug the leads from the back of the 18R2 and also remove the ports from the old back enclosure. The old back enclosure can be set aside and will no longer be needed. 



3. Grab your new 18R2 LiPo kit which includes a new back enclosure, LiPo Battery, and PCB.

4. Install the USB port into your new back enclosure. 



5. If you have Deadman or Timecode harnesses, install them into the new enclosure as well. 

6. Connect your 18R2 key switch harness into the key switch (CN2) connector on your new LiPo PCB. 



7. Connect the Out (CN3) harness on the LiPo PCB to the AA battery port (BT1) on your 18R2.




8. Connect your USB port harness to the USB Port (J6) on the 18R2 PCB. 



9. If you have Deadman or Timecode harnesses, connect them to the 18R2. 

10. Plug the included Shunt harness (found in lipo kit battery compartment) into the key switch connector on your 18R2.

If your 18R2 has a green circuit board where the key switch was connected please leave that board in place and connect the shunt harness there.



11. Make sure no wires are being pinched and place the back enclosure back on the 18R2. Reinstall the four back enclosure screws. 


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