Known Firmware Issues 7.0.1 / 7.0.2 - July 10th, 2024

The following are known firmware issues that exist within the current 6.X and 7.X firmware versions. The issues are categorized into critical and non-critical issues. Critical issues will impact a module's ability to fire. Non-critical are distractions or benign display issues that may impact the operator's experience. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. All critical issues are being treated as the highest priority with a patch release under development for rapid release.

Recall Notice - COBRA 7.0 BETA Firmware (Critical Issue)

June 29th, 2024



  • When initiating a STEP command from the 18R2 from a scripted show, if a module does not receive the STEP command, it’s possible an event may fire late and eventually re-align once the heartbeat from the 18R2 is received.

  • (resolved in 7.0.2) A script with a single STEP event as the only STEP event in the script will prevent other events from firing the script. This can be resolved by placing a 0 second event prior to the STEP event. This only occurs when the first event is a STEP event and all other events are timed events in the script.

  • When using the "Jump To" function in the COBRA Control Panel Gen 2,  the 18R2 may stop the script and may inadvertently "catch up" firing unintended cues. Updates are coming soon on this as the current version of the Gen 2 panel has jump to disabled until this is resolved.


  • The Control Panel Gen 2 may display a 36M or 72M’s key state momentarily in the wrong position. This only affects the 36M and 72M modules.

  • When re-firing cues less than 200ms apart, in some cases the cues may seem to overlap firing and not fully turn off between pulses.

  • 18MA hardware units may display continuity when no igniter is plugged into a cue. This happens rarely when using 9V batteries that are in a low state.

  • When firing DMX events across multiple universes, timing in rare cases can be slightly off between universes.

  • The 18M hardware A units may have a few second delay when arming compared to 18M hardware B or other modules.

  • 36M or 72M may not show a signal value or display -99, when the signal is good. The module will fire fine as this is a benign display issue.

  • The remote will bypass the boot sequence if loading a script with an error. This is a benign display issue and won’t affect functionality.

  • For high module counts, the 18R2 may display a lower module count momentarily before showing a higher module count when acknowledging modules. For example you may see 55, then 54, then 56. This is a benign display issue and won’t affect functionality.

  • TEST or ARM LED may blink momentarily after all modules are recognized. This is a benign display issue and won’t affect functionality.

  • If a trigger channel is missing in a script, error 8 (Invalid event time format) is inadvertently displayed. No error should be displayed if a trigger channel is not specified.

  • Error code 5 is displayed when error code 30 should be displayed when loading a script with “Events found with no script header row”.

  • 18R does not show continuity with paired to a 36M or 72M
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